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How to Earn Points - OfferToro

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How to Earn Points - OfferToro

How to Make Money with OfferToro

No matter what your background, you might be working remotely, or at home. Thanks to the pandemic, everybody who has never felt the home work experienced it from time to time. And for those who have been working shorter than 9-5, getting a side hustle is priority no.2 to make some extra cash easily.

If you are still reading this, chances are you want to find the best way to make money online with low entry levels. That means this job should be suitable for all ages and all folks. There are various free side hustles that you can do. And you will find plenty out there on the internet. Let us help you narrow down your options to a program called OfferToro.

What is OfferToro?  

OfferToro is a reward program which values people’s time and effort with coins. The users will then be able to convert these coins with cash or other forms of rewards such as Bitcoin, PUBG Voucher, Google Play US Voucher, and so on.

Through OfferToro by Youth Rewards program, you can earn money by doing simple tasks that don’t require much time and effort. These tasks revolve around doing surveys, register an account, playing games, and other easy actions.

Even though it is the very first time for you to conduct an online side hustle like this, you can master all of the offers in no time. Through these rewards programs, you can earn a serious amount of money by simply doing the tasks that are not demanding.

After finishing the tasks in OfferToro, you will earn coins that you can redeem in payouts such as PayPal, PAYEER, Steam, Bitcoin, AirTM, and many more. The good thing here is that there is no threshold or limits of the tasks that you can do. As you find out the tasks through the OfferToro section, you can pick all of them or some of them of your preference.

OfferToro is accessible on the Youth Rewards website. So, you will need to register an account on the particular website first.

How to Register  

Go to Then find the Sign In button and click it.

If you don’t have an account yet, find the “Create a new account” link and click it. You will be redirected to a registration page.

Just like what you did in other sites, you need to complete the form first with your name, username, password, and email. Then Click Sign Up.

An email will be sent to you to verify your identity. Then click the link inside your mail, and it is done.

You can login using your credentials and start making money with OfferToro.

Make money with OfferToro  

Let’s just assume that you’ve logged in at the Youth Rewards website. On the left side, you will find vertical toolbars. Click the one with the $ symbol. As you hover your mouse on it, it will show the word “Earn” word. Click it.

It will open you to the Earn page.

Choose “Offerwalls”. Then click “OfferToro”.

There you have it. You will be redirected to the OfferToro offers page. From there, you just need to browse around the offers and start earning.

It is relatively easy to understand how to earn money by doing some simple online tasks. You could test the water by picking a random offer in the OfferToro page. Finalize it, and the coins will be sent straightforwardly to your account.

Here are some tasks that are available in OfferToro.

Online Surveys  

You can make money online easily simply by doing surveys in OfferToro. It can be the easiest thing you do since you just need to share your honest opinion to the survey providers. Most of the surveys are also coming in multiple options format. It won’t take a long time to finish the survey.

OfferToro works with the research companies who need to fetch the customers opinions about their customer’s brands or projects. Here you will be one of their survey participants and earn rewards from your survey filling. Through OfferToro, you could try popular Survey programs such as Your Survey and Survey Time WW.

Offers in Mobile Apps  

There are also offers which are specifically for mobile devices users. The offers are various from installing apps, playing games, registering an account, surveys, and so on.
One of the highest tasks in this section is “Board Kings - Android”. In this task, the provider asks you to play a Board Kings game and finish 11 levels in 12 days. This task takes more time and effort to finish but offers you an enormous amount of coins. If you don’t have much time, you could choose other tasks like “Lineage W”. In this task, you only need to register an account and create a character.


Besides doing tasks from Surveys and Mobile Apps section, you can also browse some offers in the Desktop section. As the name of the section, you can only participate with the offer by using your laptop or PC. The more offers you take and finalize, the more points you will earn from OfferToro. Try this out for you, and don’t forget to share it with your friends to earn more coins from referral programs.

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