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How to Earn Points - Adgem

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How to Earn Points - Adgem

How to Make Money with Adgem

Do you want to make money online? But you are not sure where to start? If you think that you must have certain high skills to earn more money, then you are too hard on yourself. In fact, there are a lot of ways to make money for free, with zero skills and zero hassles.

Through the Adgem Youth Rewards program, you can earn money by simply doing what you love. Not to mention that the tasks that you need to conduct are all easy and suitable for beginners. Even though you have no experience or skill at all, you can earn an enormous amount of money from that Adgem.

Adgem is a rewards program which you can access on the Youth Rewards website. Through this program, you can earn rewards through some tasks that you do such as watching videos, doing online surveys, playing games, and so on. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

From these activities, you will earn coins, which later you can redeem in the form of money or other rewards. These coins are easy to get. You just need to pick one of the tasks that you are fond of the most, then earn coins after you have done the offer. You can earn as many coins as you want to earn the valuable reward.

Alright, without further ado, let’s just go straightforward to the guide of earning easy money from AdGem.

How to Register   

Go to Click sign in, use your credentials to access the site. Or, you could choose “Create A new account” if you don’t have one.

And then, you will need to fill up the form with your first and last name, email, passwords, as well as username. The site will send you an email for confirmation.

That’s it. Now you are ready to earn money.

How to make money with AdGem

It is basically easy to understand how the things work in You will get paid for your time online. Earn the domestic coins of the AdGem or Youth Rewards for completing simple online tasks. The tasks come with different activities. Some might take only a few seconds to spend, but some need hours. As you login in Youth-Rewards., you can click the “Earn” button that is located on the left page.
Here are the offers that you can join in AdGem.

Online Surveys   

As mentioned, you can earn money by simply participating in an online survey. This method has been popular since you just need to share your honest opinion with the survey providers. The research companies are inviting people across the globe to answer their brand or project surveys for their findings. For a few minutes, you can make a couple pennies to bucks. You can even get $5 per survey. Through AdGem, try some of the popular survey programs such as BitLab, WannaAds, Your Survey, and so on.

Offerwalls for easy coins

There are many types of offers that you can find in this section. There are some Offerwalls programs such as OfferToro, Personally, Lootably, and so on. You could choose one of them, and it will bring you to another page where you can browse different offers. The offers are wide array from watching videos, completing surveys, registering an account, playing a game, testing app, testing website, and so on. Pick the one which you like and earn the coins in no time.

Watching Videos   

Some people end up creating videos to earn money. Well, it is not for everyone. If you think that creating videos is too much hard work, then you can watch videos instead. Yes! You can earn money by simply watching videos.

There are Loot TV, Hideout TV Gaming, Hideout TV Music, and Hideout TV Food channels that you could choose. Click one of them and you will be able to browse the videos that you can watch for money. If watching videos is your hobby, then this method is a great one for you.


Did you know that you can also earn money by simply inviting your friends to join the AdGem Offerwalls program?

You can earn 20% lifetime commission on all referral earnings from different types of offers. And every customer you refer, you will receive 250 points straight to your account. It is a good deal, isn’t it?

All you need to do is to copy your referral link or referral code and share it to your video, social media pages, websites, blogs, or other medium. And when your referrals take action, you will earn commision.


You can also earn money by doing the promotions. You can earn up to 50,000 coins by creating a YouTube video about AdGem and Youth Rewards. After creating a video, you just need to send the link in the Promotions page.


It is easy to earn free money through Adgem, isn’t it? You can freely join the site and start earning money now. Don’t forget to share this information with your friends and ask them to join as well so that you can be successful together.

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